About Us

What is Little Travel Birdie?

Little Travel Birdie is not your average travel tips website. You see, we consider ourselves more listeners than writers. The true stars of our articles are the little birdies who feed us all the juicy local tips and travel knowledge that we publish.


Our Mission

To bring local knowledge and experiences to non-locals.


Our Story

Little Travel Birdie is a creation of the team at Fastrack, a digital marketing agency focussed on the travel and accommodation industry. The lightbulb moment came when the Fastrack team realised how valuable and engaging blog articles written on the back of local knowledge from hospitality staff were compared to your run-of-the-mill travel articles penned by non-locals who just regurgitate stuff they find online.

In fact, these local knowledge blog articles spurred a flurry of vacations, staycations and playcations¬†(is that a thing?) within the Fastrack team and so much fun was had by all that we couldn’t keep it to ourselves any longer.

Little Travel Birdie was born.


Our local knowledge partners

(AKA little travel birdies)